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Today's topic is flat bathroom radiators

Written by Sunday, 11 November 2012 12:52

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From moderate priced bathroom radiators to expensive models

Many people choose flat bathroom radiators instead of heated towel rails because they provide higher heat outputs. They combine the benefits of utility, practicality, modern appearance and powerful output. So the flat towel radiators are more suitable for very cold bathrooms which most of the old houses have.

flat bathroom radiator riviera

Naturally, modern flat panel towel warmers are available in a lot of kinds of designs and prices. They range from moderate priced bathroom radiators to expensive models. Of course, today the reasonably priced radiators follow new trends as just like the attractive luxury ones. They also are fashionable and coloured such as the Forum Bath (see in the picture below) and Rex Bath and the Riviera bathroom radiators(see in the pictures above).

bathroom radiator forum.3

Besides the trendy coloured radiators, the stainless steel radiators and the glass radiators will be selected by those who want to buy a timeless and particularly elegant heating device to their bathroom (see the Excellence Glass electric,the Delta Bath ST stainless steel and the Magnum flat radiators in the pictures below). These towel radiators perfectly complement the clean lines of modern bathrooms.

towel radiators excellence delta

towel warmer magnum

Luxury bathroom radiators offer bathrooms all kinds of exceptionally stylish and interesting designs. For instance, the natural stone radiators serve not only as towel or bathrobe warmers after taking a shower but rather as decorative pieces of bathrooms or indoor swimming pools (see the Le Baron, the Bamboo and the Foam radiators in the pictures below).

 stone radiators le baron bamboo

towel radiator foam

For those who are seeking a striking flat towel radiator to their modern bathroom, contemporary radiators (see the Three radiator in the picture below) can be recommended with their imaginative design and unusual shape.


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