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A red radiator, a black radiator or a traditional white one?

Written by Wednesday, 17 October 2012 11:31


Which colour do you vote for?

In the previous posts we took a close look at red radiators and black radiators, and now white radiators follow. No doubt white radiators are still the most popular ones, probably because they are traditional and are suitable for modern settings as well (such as the Ergo towel rail in the picture above).

White is a reflective colour, associated with light, purity and goodness. That is why it is suitable for any environment. Therefore a fashionable white radiator is equally ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. You can see in the pictures below how well the Max and the Sam coloured radiators fit in their surroundings.

 Max and Sam coloured radiators

Moreover, for those who want to solve their heating problem quickly, a white radiator is the best choice because it is offered in an exceptionally wide model selection. You can easily find any designer radiator – including tubular radiators, flat panel radiators, stone radiators, steel radiators or aluminium radiators - in white colour (see the Marimba horizontal design radiator bellow).

marimba horizontal radiator.5

Of course, the price of the radiator is also an important consideration. However, if we can afford to spend more money, we can easily find highly attractive white contemporary radiators for our homes. (See the Strech luxury bathroom radiator in the pictures bellow)

stretch artistic radiator.jpg

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