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Luxury radiators are like art objects - part 1

Written by Monday, 10 September 2012 13:17

Creative 2011 A4

Take a look at contemporary room radiators

Today’s contemporary radiators have an artistic effect because they offer all kinds of interesting and unique designs. Some of them are so attractive that they can even impress you as wall art. These luxury radiators are created mainly by prestigious and inventive French and Italian designers.

tribal luxury radiator

Renowned designers use several materials to construct luxury room radiators. Particularly elegant and decorative designer radiators are made from natural rocks. These stone radiators (you can see in the previous picture the Tribal designer radiator), which are eco-friendly and energy efficient, are perfectly suitable both for traditional and contemporary homes.

best radiator dream glass

The glass has also attracted the interest of designers. Since glass radiators create (you can see in the previous picture the Dream designer radiator) a sophisticated and airy effect with their refined designs they are also ideal for not too spacious rooms.

Creative 2011 A4

But most contemporary radiators are made of steel. With their unexpected forms and sculptural shapes these steel radiators are not simple heating devices but also decorative pieces of homes. They often serve as a centrepiece of the room. These luxury room radiators (you can see in the previous picture the Creative designer radiator) can make rooms both exciting and challenging with their imaginative and creative designs.

In the next post we will take a close look at some fantastic luxury bathroom radiators.

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