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Coloured designer radiators on christmas sale

Sunday, 09 December 2012 21:03

red radiator agatha

red radiator agatha

Room radiators and towel radiators at special prices!

During the Xmas sale you can usually get a quality design radiator at a very good price. So it is worth at least looking around, maybe you will find a cheap radiator that you like and need. For example a modern red radiator can create an atmosphere full of energy in your home, while a forest green bathroom radiator might look very good in your bathroom.

So let's look a bit closer at the selection of coloured radiators for Christmas Sale period:

red radiator agatha

The Agatha Xmas design radiator (see the picture above) with its trendy appearance is suitable for any room or kitchen. This general-purpose central heating radiator is very adaptable due to the wide range of available sizes: heights ranging from 520 to 2520 mm and widths ranging from 130 to 1354 mm. Moreover, it is also available in a double row version.

column radiator alaska

The cast iron style Alaska Xmas radiator (see the picture above) is a trendy column radiator that comes in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 column versions. This is an exceptionally versatile radiator which can provide output ranging from 97 Watts to 4004 Watts. It can be ordered in "Christmas" colours (red, green and white) at a special price.

green radiator cool

The Cool Xmas towel radiator (in the picture above) is a good deal for those who are seeking a contemporary bathroom radiator. This modern designer radiator is available in central heating and dual fuel versions.

white radiator essy

Since the most characteristic winter colour is white, snow white radiators can also be selected besides the colourful ones for those who want to buy a versatile and stylish radiator at a moderate price. These include the Essy Snow White design radiator (in the picture above) and the Arsenal Snow White heated towel rail (in the picture below), with both coming at a special xmas price.

towel rail white arsenal

And finally, an energy efficient stone radiator, the Tribal (in the picture below). It is not a low cost radiator but it is definitely worth it for those who can afford it.

tribal luxury radiator

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