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Children's room radiators at a glance

Friday, 31 August 2012 11:06



The fabulous Leagoo design radiator

leagoo radiator

How adorable is this coloured pencils inspired children’s room radiator. The Matita designer radiator combines steel with wood. This means, that it is created by applying coloured wooden tips at the ends of the vertical steel tubes. The result is a creative and playful design.

The Matita tubular radiator, manufactured in Italy, is great for kids’ room, just so fun and fresh. It creates a jolly style for a contemporary playroom. Moreover its bright and cheerful colours are loved by babies and kids alike. Additionally, you can select this room radiator in a wide range of colours.

There is no doubt, these days coloured radiators are the same important decorative and functional pieces of the kids’ rooms as beds, chairs, tables and curtains. This captivating design radiator, the Matita would be an amazing focal point for your children’s room, don’t you think?

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