senia radiators

Vertical radiators - Tall radiators - Upright radiators! Vertical radiators can be the optimal solution for a number of reasons. Tall radiators are ideal in areas where space is at a premium. Without compromising on the quality and the efficiency of the heating a slim vertical radiator allows you to increase the space available. Furthermore tall vertical radiators are also suitable for high ceilinged homes as they utilise the height of the room and kitchen and they save space. Our upright radiators come in a lot of kinds of designs and qualities, such as design room radiators and luxury room radiators. Vertical radiators are capable of meeting any heating requirement because they are offered in an exceptionally wide size selection and in different heating types. Additionally, you can select vertical radiators in single and double row tubes versions.

While on the pictures you might only see horizontal models, you can choose vertical models using the size option when you order.