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  Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bedroom radiators with a modern look are gaining popularity as people become more open to use innovative design elements in their bedrooms.
Considering that bedrooms are generally fairly small, flat panel radiators or tubular radiators with flat tubes are very adaptable due to their thinness and the wide range of available sizes. Also, a mirror radiator can be suitable to enlarge a limited space.

  Saturday, 05 January 2013

Let the bedroom radiator be a good combination of appearance and functionality

Which factors do we need to take into consideration when we buy a new bedroom radiator? Naturally, it is important to know determinative 'technical' features, such as the required heat output, connections and dimensions. However, it is at least as important that our new designer radiator is visually pleasing and is able to turn the bedroom into a comfortable area of our home. So we should find a perfect bedroom radiator which is a successful combination of appearance and functionality.

  Sunday, 07 October 2012

Which coloured radiator is the most suitable for you? Part 1

A stylish coloured radiator can create the special feeling in your home that you might be missing. Installing a designer radiator of the desired colour is one of the best and easiest ways to change the atmosphere of the room. This blog post deals with red radiators and their mood effects.