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Unique low temperature radiators

Saturday, 15 December 2012 21:25

low temperature radiator may

low temperature radiator may

The result of a new technology

Low-temperature radiators with natural stone front panels offer comfort, high-end design and top energy efficiency due to the unique concept of heating and cooling fan coil technology.

low temperature radiator may

Why are these low temperature heaters so special?
These special low-temperature radiators, manufactured in France are suitable for both conventional and renewable energy heating systems/types, because they are able to operate with low water temperature heating systems (using water at a 55°C flow temperature and at a 45°C return temperature) such as condensing boilers, geothermal heat pumps, air heat pumps and recirculating chillers and they are also able to operate with high water temperature heating systems (using water at a 75°C flow temperature and at a 65°C return temperature) such as central heating boilers and systems (see, for example, the May radiator in the picture above and the Ambiente and the Club radiators in the picture below).

low temperature radiators ambiente club

These unique modern contemporary radiators are also special because they not only radiate heat like conventional radiators but they even blow and diffuse warm air by a very efficient and special DC motor. So, these low temperature heaters are in fact fan coils which substantially reduce the vertical temperature difference between the floor and ceiling due to the heat radiated at human body height, unlike what is observed with standard heating systems. As a result, they allow more comfort and generate significant energy savings (see, for example, the Eco and the Titane radiators in the picture below).

low temperature radiators eco titane

Additionally, operated with conventional central heating boilers or systems these low-temperature radiators can provide very high output (3740 Watts!).
These versatile radiators are available not only in a heating only version, but also a heating and cooling version. The latter version can only operate with air heat pumps and chillers (see, for example, the Tribe radiator in the picture below).

low temperature radiator tribe details

Like their technology, the appearances of these luxury radiators are exceptional as well. The front panels of these radiators are made of a special natural white stone and with a particularly decorative design. Their colours and finishes are produced by hand, so every stone radiator is eco-friendly and unique (see, for example, the Granite and the Gap radiators in the picture below).

low temperature stone radiators

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