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Friday, 25 January 2013 08:50

modern art radiator Modena

modern art radiator Modena

Let's have a look at Italian designer radiators

The world-famous Italian design, like in so many other areas, has dominant position in radiator production. The majority of modern, multifunctional and artistic radiators come from Italy. This is not surprising as nowadays the appearance of radiators is just as important as their output.

modern art radiator Modena

Admittedly, Italian radiators are equally characterized by capturing creativity and perfect functionality. They are not simple heating devices but also imaginative, attractive and, not incidentally, useful ones. Among both room and bathroom radiators you can find luxury ones just like more simple and practical, yet fashionable and quality designer radiators as well (see the Modena luxury room radiator in the picture above and the Mike luxury bathroom radiator in the picture below).

mike designer radiator

Luxury radiators have ultra-modern looks, unique structures and incomparable shapes. Most of them almost look like a contemporary art object and can create an exciting atmosphere in homes. Of course, particularly elegant and modern radiators with sophisticated appearance are also made in Italy (see the Sequenza flat panel radiator in the picture below).

sequenza designer radiator

And here it is worth mentioning multifunctional radiators. These innovative designer radiators can serve not only as functional heating devices, but also as room dividers, coat racks and selves (see the practical Flex and the Utah radiators in the picture below).

coat rack radiators flex utah

Finally, let take a close look at the simple, trendy and cheap Italian design radiators which are also available in a wide model range. These coloured radiators are able to make rooms and bathrooms more comfortable in many ways and are suitable for any interior. Additionally, they offer flexibility and versatility by their variety of sizes and heating types (see the Marimba horizontal radiator and the Agatha vertical radiator in the picture below).

design radiators marimba agatha

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