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A dynamic towel radiator

Friday, 05 April 2013 12:12

towel radiator ergo

towel radiator ergo

The Ergo heated towel rail with sharp lines

It is clear that there is a wide selection available for those who intend to buy a good towel radiator, as they can choose from countless different models. It is true that the majority of heated towel rails differ in a few features from each other, for example the diameter, the bend and the distance of horizontal bars. However, there is also a good range of bathroom radiator with really unique appearance, just like the Ergo.

 towel radiator ergo

This designer radiator has a gripping style whilst working well as a towel dryer and radiating enough heat to keep your bathroom warm. The Ergo comes in four heights and three widths, so it is capable of meeting many size requirements.

 Ergo radiator

Sharp angular lines and distinct structure are the main characteristics of the Ergo tubular radiator, which make this heated towel rail a strong design statement. This towel radiator is a bold marriage of opened triangular columns with straight and rectangular cross tubes.

towel radiators ergo

The Ergo can be ordered in 208 RAL colours. Additionally, it is available in hot water and electric versions with the former version being manufactured with integrated valves.

heated towel rails ergo

The contemporary design and unique appearance of this coloured radiator allows you to achieve an ultra modern look for the bathroom.

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