Thursday, 21 June 2012

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As our supply of several hundred radiator models is continuously changing due to the frequent appearance of new and updated models we regret to say that we are unable to send a product catalogue. We include information, photos, detailed technical description and drawings of each product; should you, however, need further information concerning any specific radiator, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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  Thursday, 21 June 2012

WE OFFER design radiators which give you an incomparable feeling in your home
Not only do our colour designer radiators provide the appropriate temperature, but, by providing the perfect harmony of functionality and aesthetic beauty, they create a unique and stylish heating solution for a warm and cosy home.

WE OFFER a wide range of quality design radiators
Our company, dealing in radiators for nearly 15 years, offers an extensive collection of radiators from traditional radiators to chic ultra modern designer radiators, from classic column radiators to heated towel rails of a wide variety of materials and colours for different heating systems. On our website you can find around 250 radiator models, which ensures you have the most suitable radiator for your style, heat requirements and budget.

WE OFFER made-to-measure radiators satisfying your needs and expectations
Our design radiators are manufactured individually, tailor-made according to the specifications of the customer with relatively short manufacturing time.

WE OFFER colour design radiators without extra charge
Most of our radiators can be ordered in 208 RAL Classic colours without extra charge.

WE OFFER value for money radiators
You can safely order from us excellent quality radiators made by reliable European manufacturers at competitive prices.


Senia Group


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