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Are the radiators that I purchase from compatible with my system?

The complete range of our designer radiators is compatible with conventional central heating systems.

What technical information do I need to enter to select the most suitable radiator?

It is essential to specify some technical data to find the most suitable radiator. In the "Which Radiator" menu point you can look up detailed information on what data you need to provide to choose the perfect radiator.

How do I calculate the size of the radiator I need?

Your plumber or heating engineer should be able to calculate the exact size you require and to calculate your heat output requirements. The heat output is to be given in BTU or Watts (1 BTU= 0,293 Watts, 1 Watt = 3.412 BTU).

What is a dual fuel radiator?

Dual energy radiators can be plumbed into the central heating system and receive their heat from the boiler in the colder months and from an electrical element during the summer months when the central heating system is inactive.

Are coloured radiators more expensive than white radiators?

No, the colour options given by the models can be chosen without extra charge.

Can I change the radiator in just one room?

Yes, within an existing system you can replace all the radiators or just the ones you want. However, it is important to know what material the radiators already connected to the system are made of, as the two major materials, steel and aluminium, used in the same system, might lead to corrosion damage. For this reason do not buy an aluminium radiator if the other radiators of the system are steel radiators. We advise you to consult a heating engineer or a competent plumber.

Is there a product catalogue or brochure you can send me?

We are not in the position of sending a product catalogue because our webshop offers nearly 250 models and the selection of radiators is changing continuously due to the frequent appearance of new and updated models.

Are all radiators available in 208 colours?

Most of our radiators can be ordered in 208 RAL Classic colours except for a few radiators due to special colouring technology (e.g. stone radiators), or because the manufacturer uses his own colour scale. We provide this information in the product description of the radiator models.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time varies according to models; it is specified by the manufacturer. The delivery time is provided in the product description of each radiator.

Why is the delivery time so long?

As we offer an exceptionally wide range of models, sizes and colours, we cannot satisfy our customers' needs from stock. Our radiators are manufactured individually, tailor-made according to the specifications (size and colour) of the customer.

Will you install my radiators?

No, this is outside the scope of our expertise.

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