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Labyrinth radiator

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Labyrinth radiator - radiators, designer radiators
Labyrinth radiator - radiators, designer radiators
Labyrinth designer radiator: an artistic steel radiator of incomparable and unique design. It has a magnificent decorative effect in every room. You can select this coloured radiator in central heating and electric versions. It is available with LED lights and can be ordered in 208 colours without extra charge.



Benefits of this radiator:
- designer radiator with artistic design
- coloured radiator (208 colours)
- available with LED lights
- suitable for different heating types (central heating radiator and electric radiator)
- supplied with brackets
- manufactured with integrated valves
MATERIAL(S) of this radiator: steel
WARRANTY: 5 years
DELIVERY SCHEDULE: approx. 6-7 weeks - Please note that, due to the factory is suspending production in August, lead time for this model ordered after 20 June will increase.


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