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Dream radiator

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Dream radiator - glass radiators, panel radiator
Dream radiator - glass radiators, panel radiator
Dream luxury radiator: an extremely elegant designer radiator with tempered glass front panel. It is suitable for modern settings, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. This glass radiator is available in a variety of designs, in different heating types and in horizontal and vertical options.



Benefits of this panel radiator:
- designer radiator with refined design
- 5 colours
- panel radiator with horizontal and vertical options
- suitable for different heating types (central heating radiator, electric radiator and dual fuel radiator)
- selection of designs: tempered glass and stainless steel (See the Dream ST model)
- also available in bathroom versions (See the Dream Bath and the Dream Bath ST models)
- all radiators are supplied with brackets
MATERIAL(S) of this flat radiator: steel and tempered glass
WARRANTY: 3 years
DELIVERY SCHEDULE: approx. 4 weeks

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