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The graffiti designer radiator - a beautiful big paper clip

Saturday, 30 March 2013 11:59

graffiti chrome

graffiti coloured radiators

Unique and innovative

graffiti chrome

If, like us, you love incomparable and imaginative design, you'll find it hard to resist the Graffiti luxury radiator. The appearance of this contemporary radiator is exceptional because it looks like a big paper clip. There is no doubt that it gives a powerful impression.

graffiti chrome radiator

For those who are seeking a unique designer radiator for their modern style home, the Graffiti is one of the best choices because it is a really remarkable and stunning heating device. This fantastic model offers flexibility due to its variety of sizes, colours and options.

graffiti coloured radiators

The Graffiti comes in two sizes and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Additionally, you can buy it as a coloured radiator and as a chrome radiator since it is available in 40 colours and chrome finish.

graffiti designer radiator

With its innovative design, the Graffiti is particularly ideal for modern room interiors and for bathrooms as a towel radiator. This central heating radiator is designed and manufactured in Italy.


graffiti towel radiator

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