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In countless styles, hundreds of colours and several heating types

Designer radiators offer exceptional adaptability and versatility due to the variety of sizes, colours, materials, heating types and styles available these days. They come in a wide range of materials, hundreds of colours, countless styles and – naturally – different heating types, therefore these modern radiators are really capable of meeting all customer expectations.

mike-designer-radiator.22Mike Italian designer radiator

Today designer radiators are made of several different materials, such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass, stone, wood and glass, which have different features: for examples, some of them heats up quickly, others are more scratch-resistant or stay warm longer and so on.

desifner-radiators-marimba-essyMarimba and Essy coloured radiators

designer-radiator-tornado-horizontal-jpgTornado horizontal radiator

It is also important that several models can be bought not only as a hot water radiator, but also in an electric, dual fuel and low temperature version. Therefore if you haven't got gas supply in your flat you can still easily find a stunning electric designer radiator. Also, if you would like to warm your towels in the summer months when the central heating system is not running in the bathroom, you can select a fashionable dual fuel towel radiator without a problem.

designer-radiators-bravo-troyBravo and Troy designer radiators

designer-radiator-deltaDelta flat panel radiator

In addition, apart from the abovementioned different versions, designer room and bathroom radiators come on the market with an incredible variety of timeless and up-to-date designs. They range from simple, yet stylish ones to artistic models. Furthermore, as these heating devices can be ordered in more than two hundreds colours, they are really highly suitable both for traditional and contemporary homes and for any type of home interior.

stone-radiator-wave-arenaWave Arena stone radiator

designer-bathroom-radiators-serpentes-discoSerpentes ST and Disco designer bathroom radiators