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Multifunctional Designer Radiators

Multifunctional Designer Radiators

More and more functions - the multifunctional designer radiators

These days radiators have more and more functions, they are no longer just for heating. For example to being fashionable radiators and efficient heating devices, some designer radiators dry your coats and umbrellas, offer additional storage space or serve as a mirror at the same time. Furthermore, as a room partition, a room divider or a towel radiator does not only warm your room or bathroom but also turns it into a comfortable area of your home.


These innovative heating solutions combine the most decorative features of a designer radiator and a coat rack or a room divider (see the Cream electric radiator in the picture above). Here are a few of remarkable multifunctional designer radiators:

The Flex is a multifunctional steel designer radiator with a mirror, a self and handy hooks. This coloured steel radiator is suitable for living rooms, hallways, children’s rooms and bathrooms..The Utah is a useful and exceptionally versatile designer radiator with coloured steel or handy wood shelves. It is also available with a mirror.


The Mike, which can be installed as a room divider, is an elegant and attractive designer radiator with metal and aerial structures.


The Voros G, with its incomparable and creative design, is a fantastic Italian designer radiator. Thanks to its structural design, the Voros G is a practical and pleasant addition to any room.


And finally, an amazing and versatile Italian towel radiator, the Veni. It is particularly ideal for smaller bathrooms as a room divider and as a heated towel rail.