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Bathroom radiators - handmade from natural materials

Friday, 12 April 2013 12:40

stone radiator 2.jpg

stone radiator 2.jpg

Amazing stone towel radiators

The growing trend towards using natural materials and handmade products in home design obviously affects heating technology. In compliance with this, lots of kinds of modern radiators, made from natural stone, appear on the market. Among these designer stone radiators, you can find several gorgeous bathroom models as well.

stone radiator 2.jpg

These stone designer radiators look famously and they can be used with any tiles for creating modern, exclusive and very personal bathroom interiors. They are made in different designs and are particularly unique because both its finishes and colours are produced entirely by hand (see the Veil Epure stone bathroom radiator in the picture below).

towel radiator veile epure

As an additional outstanding feature, these luxury bathroom radiators are made from high quality white natural stone and natural pigments are used for their finish. So they are not only decorative and individual heating devices but are also environmentally friendly (see the Foam stone towel radiator radiator in the picture below).

towel radiator foam

These towel radiators are available several sizes and with different outputs and come in central heating and electric versions (see the Sculptural Bathroom radiator in the picture below).

towel radiator sculptural

Also there can be ordered more than 15 colours so you can surely find the right one, which matches the tiles of your bathroom and enables you to enjoy an uplifting and harmonious atmosphere in your home.

stone bathroom radiators

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