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TUBULAR radiators

Tubular radiators - Column radiators - Coloured tubular radiators - Elegant and efficient tubular radiators heat your room while achieving great aesthetic appeal in your home. These days tubular radiators are one of the most popular radiator types thanks to their endless variety of shapes (flat, triangular, rectangular tubes), the wide range of choice in length and width of straight and curved tubes together with the flexibility of space options between tubes and columns. Such unlimited options allow for designers' dreams come true; they break from the norm and easily become pieces of art. As they radiate value, quality and style, they range from ultra modern chic designer radiators to old cast-iron style radiators. These heating devices move easily from period homes to contemporary interiors functioning as room radiators, bathroom towel radiators, room divider radiators or coat rack radiators. - Tubular radiators and column radiators UK. Read more here >>>

Please note that, due to several factories are suspending production during the Christmas period, lead time of delivery for their models will increase. This is indicated on the page of each affected model.