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Titane low-temperature heater

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Titane low-temperature radiator: an optimal energy efficient heating device with a decorative natural stone front panel. Its colours and finishes are produced by hand, so every radiator is eco-friendly and unique. This special radiator not only radiates heat but it even blows and diffuses warm air. It is able to operate with both conventional and renewable energy systems. Operated with a central heating system this unique heater can provide very high output. It is available in a heating only and a heating-cooling version.



Benefits of this artistic radiator:
- energy efficient, environmentally friendly and high-performance heat exchanger
- particularly decorative and high-end design
- suitable for different heating types (condensing boilers, geothermal heat pumps, air heat pumps, recirculating chillers, central heating boilers and systems)
- available heating only and in heating-cooling versions
- 3 operating speeds, an infrared remote control
- blow and diffuse warm air by a very efficient and special DC motor (average of 10 W of energy consumption)
- all radiators are supplied with brackets
- The surface and patterns of each radiator are individually produced by hand by using different painting and sculptural techniques and tools and coloured pastes and pigments. The artist achieves the desired effect by using uneven surfaces, such as cracks, scratches or lack of paint. The custom-made and spontaneously produced artistic radiators do not always completely match the illustration(s).

MATERIAL(S) of this radiator: natural stone
WARRANTY: 5 years
DELIVERY SCHEDULE: approx. 7 weeks - Please note that, due to the factory is suspending production during the Christmas period, we cannot guarantee a December delivery date for orders for this model placed after 25 October.

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