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  Thursday, 13 June 2013

When you start looking for the right kitchen radiator, you need to take into consideration several factors, such as the space available, the interior as well as the price in addition to the determinative features (for example the required heat output and connections).
The new kitchen radiator should not only suit your kitchen interiors but it should also make an efficient use of the space available. When there is limited space, you should choose a slim and tall vertical radiator or a deep column radiator, depending on size of the space. With these types, you can save space perfectly without compromising on the heat output. Both flat panel radiators and tubular radiators are suitable for this purpose.
Naturally, you should also take into account the style of the kitchen and choose a coloured radiator which complements the furniture. Of course, you can find several radiators in our wide selection for all kinds of interiors, from period homes to contemporary ones. You should give plenty of attention to choosing a radiator if you have an open kitchen. In this case it is worth buying a more expensive radiator to create the perfect harmony with the colour scheme and atmosphere of your living room and kitchen.
In fact, price limits will not restrict your choice at all given that our selection is so wide that you can easily find a lot of fashionable coloured radiators at an affordable price.
Let's look at some coloured radiators that fit the abovementioned criteria:

Rex.kitchenRex flat radiator

kitchen-radiators.1Alaska column radiator & Everest Vertical radiator

Max coloured radiator

Essy column radiator & Agatha tubular radiator

Marimba designer radiator

Essy coloured radiator & Forum Vertical radiator

Rex designer radiator

panel radiator & Geo horizontal radiator

Micro & Agatha chrom radiators

kitchen radiators olympia

Olympia Horizontal radiator

  Monday, 01 October 2012

Coloured radiators column, tubular and panel radiators can make your kitchen look stylish

There comes a time when our kitchen radiators need to be replaced. Lively coloured column radiators, cosy flat panel radiators or chic column and tubular radiators are all good choices because they serve not only as functional heating devices but also as decorative pieces of our kitchens these days.

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