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  Friday, 19 June 2015

What color should we choose?

Interior designers and decorators advise us not only to rely on our taste but to also take into account the dimensions and the function of our rooms when we choose the colours used in our home. It is also worth heeding this advice when we buy designer radiators.

  Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Attractive, efficient, environmentally friendly

The use of the aluminium radiators so much preferred in Continental Europe has begun to gain ground in UK due to the fact that they are already available not only as a slightly ugly panel radiator but also in a fashionable modern appearance created by famous designers.

  Thursday, 13 June 2013

Today's home radiators suit the interior design trends that are all about colour combinations, versatility and bold shapes. They also come in a number of designs, styles and colours.
Of course, general-purpose designer radiators are still the most popular because, in addition to the wide size and output range, they are a good fit for any room and style due to their simple design. They can significantly improve the interior of all the rooms in the house and are not expensive anymore. Moreover, thanks to the over 200 colours available, trendy home radiators can create the harmony or dynamism of colours in each of the rooms in the house.
Those who like unique and sophisticated pieces can select future-oriented, innovative designer radiators and particularly elegant living room radiators with a refined design.
Let's see some home radiator ideas to help create your own personalized living space:

Creative designer radiator

slimline radiator deltaDelta flat radiator

Max horizontal radiator & Betty home radiator

Alaska column radiator

Agatha vertical radiator

horizontal radiator

gold radiator cleopatra 01Cleopatra gold radiator

wall radiator cord 03Cord wall radiator

designer radiator eliteElite designer radiator

stone radiator icarus
Icarus stone radiator

Labyrinth and Join designer radiators

home radiator

vertikal radiator vikingViking modern radiator

Incognito paintable radiator

  Friday, 17 May 2013

The Troy coloured home radiator

As the appearance of heating devices is becoming important, designers have started to create more and more unique models. There is no doubt that the Troy modern contemporary radiator is the one of these – exclusive and amazing.

  Friday, 10 May 2013

General-purpose heating radiators

Nowadays more and more home has all kind of appliances and equipment to make living more comfortable and enjoyable. These include of course heating radiators as well, because today they do not only provide warms to your room, but they can become an integral part of interior design and can also serve as a handy piece of furniture.

  Friday, 08 March 2013

The Pop designer radiator – It couldn't be better!

The Pop Italian designer radiator is a successful and charming combination of modern designer style and benefits of aluminium. The appearance of this aluminium radiator, following the latest trends, is both fashionable and stylish. Besides of this, it has a powerful output.

  Monday, 17 September 2012

Tubular radiators are one of the most popular designer radiator types

Tubular radiators in exceptionally different styles and qualities are made by manufacturers these days. Possibilities of tube variations allow designers to create models with countless designs. These designer radiators can be used in several functions, like room radiators, bathroom radiators, heated towel rais, room dividers and coat racks.

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