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  Tuesday, 08 July 2014

Buy a towel radiator instead of a clothes airer

It is good news that designers nowadays not only focus on making towel radiators more decorative, but also on making them more practical. Bathroom radiators have always been capable of drying towels and a few small clothing items, however these days a growing number of towel radiators are coming on the market which are able to perfectly function as conventional clothes airers.

  Thursday, 13 June 2013

Today's home radiators suit the interior design trends that are all about colour combinations, versatility and bold shapes. They also come in a number of designs, styles and colours.
Of course, general-purpose designer radiators are still the most popular because, in addition to the wide size and output range, they are a good fit for any room and style due to their simple design. They can significantly improve the interior of all the rooms in the house and are not expensive anymore. Moreover, thanks to the over 200 colours available, trendy home radiators can create the harmony or dynamism of colours in each of the rooms in the house.
Those who like unique and sophisticated pieces can select future-oriented, innovative designer radiators and particularly elegant living room radiators with a refined design.
Let's see some home radiator ideas to help create your own personalized living space:

Creative designer radiator

slimline radiator deltaDelta flat radiator

Max horizontal radiator & Betty home radiator

Alaska column radiator

Agatha vertical radiator

horizontal radiator

gold radiator cleopatra 01Cleopatra gold radiator

wall radiator cord 03Cord wall radiator

designer radiator eliteElite designer radiator

stone radiator icarus
Icarus stone radiator

Labyrinth and Join designer radiators

home radiator

vertikal radiator vikingViking modern radiator

Incognito paintable radiator

  Sunday, 13 January 2013

If you need a powerful designer radiator

It is obvious that heat output is the one of the most important factors when purchasing a new radiator. If we want to heat not only an average size room, but also a relatively bigger one or a whole studio flat, we need a powerful radiator. Today it is not a problem at all, because there are several designer radiators – both tubular and flat panel radiators – which are capable of meeting any heating requirements.

  Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A designer column radiator from quality steel is the answer

These days there is still a sizeable percentage of older homes in the UK where traditional cast iron column radiators are installed. When it becomes necessary to replace these, we have to decide what kind of new radiator would be the best choice.
It is true that a cast iron radiator keeps the heat longer than others. However, a modern steel column radiator (in the same size) can provide higher output than a cast iron one.

  Tuesday, 04 December 2012

The extensive range of designer radiators

There is no doubt, online shopping is very comfortable. As any product, these days you can also buy easily central heating radiators online. At home you have ample freedom and enough time to choose the most suitable radiator. The range is enormous. You can buy a great variety of radiators from trendy and simple design radiators to amazing and imaginative modern contemporary radiators.

  Saturday, 17 November 2012

Which designer radiators could replace the old ones

I would venture to say that if we modernized our house now, I would replace all the old white radiators with new ones. One of my reasons is that we can kill two birds with one stone: get through the hassle of renovation and install new and beautiful pieces of furniture, that is, coloured radiators. Today a number of designer radiators – room radiators and bathroom radiators as well - are available, which really appeal to me as opposed to characterless old ones which are only installed for their functionality.


  Monday, 01 October 2012

Coloured radiators column, tubular and panel radiators can make your kitchen look stylish

There comes a time when our kitchen radiators need to be replaced. Lively coloured column radiators, cosy flat panel radiators or chic column and tubular radiators are all good choices because they serve not only as functional heating devices but also as decorative pieces of our kitchens these days.

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