design radiator 01

  Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Attractive, efficient, environmentally friendly

The use of the aluminium radiators so much preferred in Continental Europe has begun to gain ground in UK due to the fact that they are already available not only as a slightly ugly panel radiator but also in a fashionable modern appearance created by famous designers.

  Sunday, 02 March 2014

Considerations when buying new designer radiators

Horizontal radiators are the most popular – and for good reasons. First and foremost, traditional radiators were usually produced in horizontal versions, therefore when the replacement of old radiators is necessary, the installation of modern horizontal design radiators is the easiest.

  Friday, 22 February 2013

Efficiency, durability, style

Stainless steel radiators can be safely recommended to everyone who is seeking an elegant and timeless heating device to their home. They look pretty good as heated towel rails, flat radiators as well as tubular radiators and fit almost all home décor.