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Create a pleasant warmth all year round

Electric towel rails are slightly handier than plumbed-in towel radiators as they operate independently from the heating system, therefore they are excellent at maintaining the desired temperature and drying your damp towels regardless of the heating season.

electric towel rail arsenalArsenal electric towel rail

black radiator labirinthLabyrinth electric bathroom radiator

The independent operation from the main central heating system does not only mean that electric towel warmers can be switched on and off depending on the temperature condition in your home, but also that they are relatively easy to install anywhere in the bathroom.

towel radiator ergoErgo electric towel rail

electric bathroom radiator voros Voros G electric bathroom radiator

Furthermore, their use is not limited to just bathrooms: They can also be used for kitchens and laundry rooms without installation problems, where these handy devices help you dry wet dishtowels, underclothes and other small items.

electrical chrome towel rail arcadeArcade chrome electric towel rail

eternity towel warmerEternity electric towel radiator

Most of these towel radiator models are equipped an electric component which heats water inside the towel rail, however some models use a dry element to heat the wire installed in the tubes of the rails or in the panel.

chrome electric towel rail foxiFoxi chrome electric towel radiator

electric towel radiator stretchStretch bathroom radiator

The range of products is incredibly wide and diverse. There are numerous different styles to choose from. Therefore you can surely find an electric towel radiator which matches your bathroom and fits its décor impeccably.

brass bathroom radiatorBrass electric towel rail

sequenza designer radiatorSequenza electric bathroom radiator

And then … just relax and enjoy the pleasant temperature of your bathroom and a warm towel after showering.

electric bathroom radiator loveLove Bath electric radiator

electric towel rail bonanza 01Bonanza electric towel rail