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Bedroom radiators with a modern look are gaining popularity as people become more open to use innovative design elements in their bedrooms.
Considering that bedrooms are generally fairly small, flat panel radiators or tubular radiators with flat tubes are very adaptable due to their thinness and the wide range of available sizes. Also, a mirror radiator can be suitable to enlarge a limited space.

 If you have a more spacious bedroom, you can choose from a huge selection of versatile designer radiators at a moderate price, and you will surely find an appropriate heating device for any bedroom interior. You should only buy a contemporary radiator for the bedroom if there is enough space for its unusual or artistic form to make a real impression. Also, many people choose coloured radiators for their bedroom instead of white ones, trying to match the colour of the bedspread, curtains etc with that of the radiator or simply because they like a certain colour. (However, interior designers recommend colours with calming and relaxing effects in the bedroom.) Let's see some remarkable bedroom radiators that help you create a relaxed and comfortable area in your home:


stone bedroom radiator gardenGarden stone radiator

design-bedroom-radiators-delta-forumDelta & Forum slimline radiators

Real.Mirror.11Real mirror radiator

Team horizontal

column radiator

Rex & Max designer radiators

savoy mirror radiator
Savoy stone radiator

flat radiator


bedroom radiator forumForum slimline radiator

cascade-horizontal-radiator.5Cascade horizontal radiator


white column radiator alaska 01Alaska multi-column radiator


stone radiator

Glas Dancer
contemporary glas radiator

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